TERO PUHA is one of the best-known makers of Finnish contemporary art. His works are characterized by a combination of art with mass-culture images and consumer goods. Puha is  interested in pictures of the adverts, comics and mass media that we see around us, and combines them  with art imagery. His works analyse our contemporary culture as a space where human existence is defined via brands, images, consumer products and logos, and where consumer products and brands take on human traits. Annamari Vänskä

TERO PUHA is a multidisciplinary visual artist working with photography, film, video and performance. From consumerism criticism to psychological instinct, his varied body of work depicts our time and individuals as creations of their time. Dealing with contemporary issues such as body image, body as a social construction, mass consumer behavior and pop culture, his media art covers enthralling ideas on gender. The work asks, entangled in humor, whether if everything in the culture we live in today is in the end for sale. Puha contradicts the body as a biological entity and its image. He skillfully transmits the traditional dichotomy to a whole new level between the intersection of a cultural and social identity. Hanna Ojamo


Finnish State Prize in Photographic Arts
Arts Promotion Center Finland / 5 year grant
Finnish Cultural Foundation / 3 year grant
John Kobal Fuji Prize / London


Pavillon Vendôme /Paris, France
Spiral Art Center / Tokyo, Japan
Houston Fotofest /United States
4th Moscow Biennale /Russia


Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Arts/ Finland
Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts /Japan
EMMA-Espoo City Art Museum / Finland
HAM-Helsinki Art Museum / Finland

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