Photo Center Nykyaika / Tampere

BEST THIS WEEK (Kulttuuritoimitus.fi/26.October 2019)

Tero Puha’s lovely men on the beach and Tuomas Linna’s tribute to Silvo Sokka are elegant exhibitions together and alone. Fortunately, not just that. Each has a finely focused focus on a selected moment that can throw you off the track or catapult you into another reality.

The black and white analogue photos of Tero Puha date from 1995-2019 and have not been previously presented to the public. Despite the timeline, the images fit well together. The atmosphere is intimate. The man is beautiful and the photographer is skilled. The reason why he took the pictures is also conveyed to the viewer, the taste and the meaning of life. Have I ever seen a man so beautifully photographed?

The exhibition at Photographer Center Nykyaika brings to mind Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name and its own name Splitting the Mirror reinforces the image.
Marja-Liisa Torniainen/Kulttuuritoimitus.fi

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