Mikkeli Photography Center, Finland

Several random factors, independent of us, define where and what kind of people we are born as. Each of us is a unique individual. We cannot remember our birth, but will we eventually be able to realize that we have just died? The name of the exhibition refers to a mathematical equation that results in ‘infinity’ or ‘error’. It also refers to a kind of balance or its impossibility.

Is the consciousness living in our bodies unique? We are able to clone matter: meat and tissue. But could the soul also be cloned? And does the soul have gender? In the physical body, we are basically determined by biological gender. We can accept, reject or question it. If we wish, we can try to correct it.

The images in the exhibition are the result of these reflections in 2005-2022. The theme is also supported by the short film ‘Original’, completed in 2019

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