Series of performance videos

The Right Way to Be (2005)
Nothing and Everything (2013)
Hot ot Not (2017)

Man in the World is a series of performative videos, in which artist Tero Puha, often very ironically, questions the expectations and demands for the modern man in today´s world. Puha started the series in 2005 and it is ongoing.

The series includes three separate video works at the moment (with more on the way). In The Right Way to Be (2005), a man in his thirties practices for everyday situations. He tries different ways to greet, laugh, express love and longing, and to say goodbye. Should one be confident and masculine or fragile and sensitive?

In Nothing and Everything (2013) A man gazes directly to the camera for 15 minutes. In this intimate portrait, even the smallest changes in his expressions become meaningful. Is everything or nothing revealed?

In Hot or Not (2017) a man is preparing for a date. He needs your help! How would you rate his eyes? What about his lips? Which sunglasses should he choose? Should he powder his face or not? Come and choose the best options!

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