Academic Bookstore Gallery / Helsinki

In March 2020 Tero Puha had to finish his artist residency period in Paris early due to the corona pandemic. The shooting of a planned short film in Paris got canceled and after returning, people could not be photographed in Finland either. Puha received a home residency grant from the Kone Foundation and retreated to his countryside home in Rajamäki in Nurmijärvi and started to draw. In October, he put up a mini exhibition in the heart of Helsinki. Naively expressive cartoonish works were loved by many, much to Tero Puha´s surprise.

Corona situation practically forced me right to the roots of my art: drawing. I fell in love black ink and drew a large number of images. When I draw, the process is always subconscious. I never start on the subject but the images are created subconsciously, perhaps bringing to light things that go around inside my head. For the exhibition I chose pictures depicting everyday chores, which many have now had time to focus on when stuck at home.

The concept was a big success so another exhibition was arranged exactly one year later in the same gallery.

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